Discover why we are the most reliable live monitoring and surveillance company.

At American Guardian Security, we provide highly professional patrol services of various sizes for your home or business location. As one of the most reliable security firms in the industry, we understand just how important it is to ensure every corner of your property is secure 24/7.

Sometimes, CCTV cameras needed additional reinforcement to achieve that aim. Our security guards can patrol the building or the grounds on foot, in golf carts and in cars to make their presence known and deter any unwanted activity.

We can ensure complete safety of even the hardest to reach and observe areas, reporting any issues ASAP, and dealing with threats in real time. These monitoring and surveillance activities are suitable for large properties, buildings, and hard to reach areas on your property.

Do I need Monitoring & Surveillance Solutions from American Guardian Security?

If you have a large property and you need more ground covered daily, then the answer is yes. Your business and home life both will benefit from these extra security measures.

Safeguard your assets, grow your presence, and ensure the safety and security of your people with the right services from American Guardian. Get in touch with us today to find out more.