Our special event security services are designed to handle events of any size.

Seminars, workshops, award shows, and even personal events such as birthdays and weddings can attract a large crowd. Managing the proceedings of the event and the crowd present there is a job for professionals. Our security guards are trained to deal with a large gathering of people, ensuring that everything goes smoothly as planned for the event.

Managing a lively event requires precise skills, a great amount of skill, and substantial training. We specialize in providing special event security services. Our guards understand the important each event has for your personal and professional lives, and that’s why we never take our jobs lightly.

The presence of armed or unarmed security guards, decked out in their uniforms, is often enough to mitigate the threat of crime or thefts. If you are planning a large event, make sure you call us.

How can American Guardian Security make a difference?

Our special event security guards will stay vigilant throughout your event, patrolling the venue on foot and by bike to assess the security situation. They can also provide VIP escorting services, so your high-profile guests feel safe and looked-after during the event.