Going to arrange any special event? Get in touch with AGSI for getting high-end security. We have been providing security in special events for many years and over time; we are getting well versed in it. Our dedicated and professional staff is fully equipped to meet any challenge at any given time.

Be it a rocking concert or a big festival, an elite wedding or a grand birthday party, private party or a tournament, every one of them is different and therefore has different security requirements. Based on your budget and our expertise we provide you the perfect custom made security plan for your special event. We understand your needs and the importance of the event to you, which is why we aim to make your events even more special by taking away the hassle of security and providing immense peace of mind.

Our key services

We Provide High-Quality Customer Services for Your Business

Hiring our capable guards lets you convey that your business values its clients and is completely safe & secure. Count on them to escort your clients to the right destination within your building, and ensure that they are precisely where they need to be.

We Create a Sense of Security for Your Employees

The presence of our officers at a business ensures that the business owners, managers, and employees have a holistic sense of security for their complete peace of mind.Your staff no longer has to worry about their security as our guards will be right there to escort them to and from their cars, especially when it’s dark outside. We are here to let you know that our trained and armed/unarmed guards will take every step to ensure the security of your people.

We Courteously Greet Your Visitors & Guests While Ensuring Your Safety

The AGSI security guards realize that moral fitness is the precursor to the quality courteous services that our clients deserve. That’s why our guest greeting, visitor check-in/check-out services are second to none.
Our guards uphold professional conduct while forming a peaceful and secure environment for your guests, clients, and other callers. Our highly-trained personnel are your best choice as reception and lobby security guards. Count on us to enhance building security, with the highest levels of professionalism.

We Offer Quality Concierge & Front Desk Services for Your Business

With licensed and qualified security handling the front desk and keeping an eye on concierge monitors, you have nothing to worry about. Our guards are experts in reception desk security, where they can maintain access control, visitor logs, alarm monitoring, etc. They can even answer the phone calls for your business if the need be. This leads to increased safety for your office or industrial building, crime deterrence, fewer instances of theft and vandalism, and reduced risk of liability for you.

We Stay On Fire Watch Ensuring the Safety of Your Commercial Concern At All Times

Whether a commercial site has construction going on, or it is an industrial building with heightened fire risk, we can help. Our security guards ensure on-going security, no matter how unique your situation may be.
Our officers familiarize themselves with your property and find areas that are at higher fire risk. They ensure the safety of alarms, sprinklers, and pumps. If any raw materials or products are highly flammable, they keep an eye on these areas while securing the rest of the premises as well.

We Prevent Unauthorized Access into Your Office Premises Working 24/7

The AGSI guards receive appropriate training that equips them with the right information and technique to fitfully respond to crimes such as trespassing, vandalism, and attempting unlawful entry onto your commercial property.
Depending on the situation, our guards may just take down details and send it to the police. If the situation escalates, we may even detain the suspects. As the business owner/manager, you decide what procedures should be employed in such cases. Count on our guards to behave sensibly and responsibly when they spot criminal activity on your commercial premises.

We Are Available For Closing and Opening the Building and Filing Relevant Reports

Use AGSI private security guards to reliably lock up your business premises and set the alarm at the end of each business day. They’ll also be the first ones there in the morning ready to open up the offices and let your employees log in to work.
These trained security guards inspect the premises, review all access points, set the alarm or disarm it as the need may be, and ensure your complete peace of mind throughout it all. Count on our guards to follow a strict protocol that keeps your property and assets protected at all times.

We Carry out Timely Reporting and Documentation of all Activities and Incidents

Some of our security guards have slightly different duties than patrols and deterrence acts etc. They can create detailed reports of the day’s activities, arrivals, departures, sign-ins, deliveries sent out & received as well as a whole range of activities.
These security professionals guard the grounds and dates, monitor video surveillance, and watch out for any unpleasant incidents, etc. These duties leave your employees to do what they do best, i.e., make your business better.


We make sure that the security of your commercial building is the least of your concerns so you can focus on other aspects of your job. We are a one-stop-shop, catering to all your business security needs. Count on us to address all safety issues on your property with the following services:


Our officers go through an arduous security training program, where they get specific instructions in private property security. They pass thorough background checks and are screened for drugs. We offer emergency, short-term, and long-term guards, who can be armed or unarmed depending on your needs. As and when possible, we urge regular placement of our guards so they can get acquainted with your people and the environment. This helps us build trust, understand the area and its security needs, making it easier to detect suspicious persons or movement.

We Are Licensed and Fully Insured,
and Provide 24/7 Security Dispatch Services.